The Value of a SupplyPro Certified          

SupplyPro works hand in hand with BuildPro to ensure that builders and suppliers are working from one centralized place. With SupplyPro, you can view job schedules in real time, receive prompt and accurate schedule and change notifications, view purchase order information, access job documents, and invoice efficiently.

To optimize your implementation of SupplyPro and BuildPro, you and your team members can also become certified in the SupplyPro software.

What’s the SupplyPro certification?

The SupplyPro certification is a free 80-question exam containing multiple-choice and true/false questions that you must complete within a two-hour timeframe. You must answer 80 percent of the questions correctly in order to pass the exam. Users have two attempts to successfully complete the exam. We recommend studying the training materials at Hyphen University before taking the exam.

Once you become SupplyPro certified, you’ll receive an official certificate directly from Hyphen Solutions, valid for three years, and a certification seal that you can display below your email signature.

Becoming SupplyPro certified means you have superior knowledge in the operation of SupplyPro and that you can perform your job at maximum efficiency. The SupplyPro certification includes access to exam reports and statistics so that managers and stakeholders can track the progress of each student individually – or track all students to identify which questions they are missing most frequently. Accurate reports and statistics are vital components of identifying knowledge weaknesses.

Why should users of SupplyPro get certified?

The more you know about SupplyPro, the more proficient you’ll be at your job, saving time and money. Online testing provides both managers and stakeholders the ability to identify weaknesses in their employees’ knowledge of SupplyPro and provide them with an action plan to improve. 

We offer SupplyPro certification testing online 24/7. To access your SupplyPro certification exam, simply study the training materials provided at Hyphen University, then, when ready, take the SupplyPro certification exam here.