4 Ways To Make Builder Order Processing Easier 

As a residential contractor, your day-to-day operations are closely tied to the complexities, changes and schedules involved in completing a home build. Before scheduling your crews and deliveries, builder orders have to be reviewed, confirmed and entered into your various software solutions. Working with multiple builders, you also have to deal with and understand different order formats to gather all the necessary information. You also must be constantly aware of changes that can happen quickly and need an equally quick response. To complicate things, you’re notified of these changes through multiple channels, including texts, emails, web portals, etc. 

If you don’t have accurate, up-to-date information about orders, instructions and schedules, an entire project can go off track, delaying your crews, costing you money and Builder goodwill. So, how can you get the information you need, maintain contact with every Builder’s back office and keep to your timelines, all without driving your staff crazy?

Receive Purchase Orders Electronically 

The foundation of an effective Order Management process is the ability to receive purchase orders electronically in real time. But using Hyphen SupplyPro plus Renditions can make this process even easier. 

Gather and Access All New Orders in the Same Place 

With Hyphen SupplyPro and Renditions, your team no longer has to keep track of dozens of unique builder logins for portals that have to be checked manually for updates. Orders from all your Builders, whether or not they use BuildPro, can be digitally gathered and made available to you at one consolidated access point, with one login. Stop wasting time on data entry, finding orders, printing paperwork, downloading files, etc.

Receive All Orders in the Same Format

With Renditions, your electronic purchase orders will be received in the same format, no matter where they come from. That makes tasks easier for everyone from your office to the warehouse, saving time and boosting productivity.

Keep Up To Date on Changes

You will receive notifications of changes to the scope and schedule in addition to other updates you rely on. This can save your staff hundreds of hours of time and boost your response times and Builder satisfaction, effortlessly. 

Avoid Misunderstandings and Delays

Projects run efficiently when everyone has a single source of data. With Renditions, your team and your Builders work from the same accurate data at all times. You’ll all stop wasting time and resources on miscommunications and misunderstandings.

Manage Builder Orders With Ease with Hyphen SupplyPro + Renditions 

SupplyPro is an integrated construction management software system from Hyphen Solutions that is designed specifically for Suppliers, Contractors and Trades. SupplyPro interacts with Hyphen’s widely accepted BuildPro, our Home Builder scheduling and project management software, to create seamless communication between Builders and Suppliers and improve your accounting, schedule management and forecasting. Add-on features can help you:

  • Gather all your new orders automatically in one accessible place (Renditions)
  • Translate your builder orders to material lists for instant fulfillment from warehouse or suppliers (SkuSphere)
  • Automate the order process with seamless integration to your ERP system (SupplyPro Connect)

Interested in learning more about Hyphen SupplyPro solutions and how they can improve the interactions with all your Builders? Schedule a demo today to talk to a Hyphen Solutions expert.