5 Ways Home Construction Software Empowers Business Owners

As a builder and business owner, home construction software is an incredibly useful tool that empowers your team and your vendors. You need the best, most efficient software to communicate with your team, streamline purchasing, and minimize costs. BuildPro and SupplyPro help you execute projects in less time with less effort while saving you both time and money. The software should be part of your process and a tool that simplifies tasks so that you can focus on the best results for your clients: a beautiful home delivered on time and under budget.

Here are five ways Hyphen Solutions' software helps empower you and your team:

1. Streamline Communication

With home construction software, you’ll improve the accuracy of the information you exchange with employees and vendors, which drastically reduces the time you spend reconciling orders. Your team can more easily communicate item and pricing errors in real-time. Additionally, your systems automatically respond to changes after-hours, making you a more responsive and customer-centric trade partner.

2. Improve the Efficiency of Deliveries

Home construction software dramatically improves the timing and accuracy of delivered materials by ensuring you follow your proposed timeline. Costly dry runs remain at a minimum, which keeps builders happy, leading to more business for suppliers.

3. Document Management

Home construction software provides a way to keep all documents in one place, minimizing your time searching for reports from many different sources. You can easily share documents from BuildPro and SupplyPro with your builders, suppliers, and employees, reducing the number of portals you have to use.

4. Reduce Costs

Home construction software eliminates the working hours required to prepare start packs and reduces the material costs of items such as paper, toner, envelopes, folders, and postage.

5. Reduce Errors

Providing free mobile, up-to-date orders, tasks, and schedules with home construction software eliminate the risk of errors or inconsistencies due to outdated content. Using a mobile FMS, you’re able to save money and execute projects faster without sacrificing the quality of your work. 

For more than 20 years, Hyphen Solutions has created products, like BuildPro and SupplyPro, to fit the needs of everyone working in the home building industry. Let us show you how our products streamline, enhance, and optimize your projects. If you’re a builder or supplier interested in implementing Hyphen Solutions, contact us today by filling out this form or by calling (972)-728-8100