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5 Ways to Bridge the Gap Between Builders and Suppliers

Communication in construction is critical, because of the complexity of the process and the number of stakeholders and tasks involved. However, the fact that Home Builders and Suppliers often work from different plans and use different processes and techniques during the build process opens the door wide for miscommunications, which lead in turn to mistakes, missed deadlines and, ultimately, lower profitability for all parties. The solution is to build strong, direct connections between Builders and Suppliers that eliminate communication gaps and keep everyone on the team on the same page. 

How to Build Effective Connections

How can you build these effective connections? The right home construction management software can help. Here’s how.

1. Fix that Communication Gap From the Start

Communication issues can start as early as the bidding process. Some of the stress of bidding can be eliminated with a software system that allows you to electronically submit and receive bids. Digital bidding is faster and cheaper. Revisions are easy to make and communicate. Documentation is easier to access. Status is transparent. 

Once you’re off to a great communications start, your construction management software should keep the team in touch throughout the build process, sharing critical information to all parties in real time. 

2. Share Vital Information — Schedules, Purchase Orders and Changes

It makes the entire build process much smoother when everyone can view team job schedules in real-time, receive real-time change notifications, view purchase order information and send accurate invoices — all without making a lot of phone calls, chasing down the parties involved or searching their email file or desk for the most up-to-date information. 

3. Centralize and Share Documents

The ability to digitally centralize the large number of documents generated in any residential build process can be a game changer. It increases security, makes finding the right paperwork easier and reduces the time and money involved in printing and distributing hard copies every time — every time — they’re needed.

4. Add Mobile Technology

Smartphones, tablets and mobile applications help connect everyone on-site and in the office. As a Builder or Supplier, you can benefit by using mobile technology to update and revise documents and plans in real time, wherever you are. Plus, you can immediately receive updates and changes that affect your tasks, whether you’re in the office, the field or even at home. 

5. Implement a Shared Construction Management Software Solution

The best way to eliminate gaps and build a strong, easy-to-use connection between Builders and Suppliers is through a single construction management software tool designed to be used by both. 

A unified platform makes everything simpler by streamlining collaboration, planning, scheduling and accounting. When you don’t have to transfer information manually from one kind of software to another, there are fewer chances for lost information, mistakes, delays, multiplication of effort, etc. 

Of course, this is only truly beneficial with a shared construction management software solution that serves both Builders and Suppliers, offering the features that both need to effectively manage their businesses and help them grow.

Bridge The Gap Between Builders & Suppliers with SupplyPro 

Hyphen Solutions created a unified platform with BuildPro and SupplyPro to ensure that Builders, Suppliers, Contractors and Trades are working from one tool that streamlines residential construction projects. Hyphen products help builders and suppliers plan, communicate, and forecast more efficiently, saving their company time and reducing costs.

Approximately 1 out of every 3 new homes built in the U.S. already relies on Hyphen Solutions’ products.  If you’re a Builder or Supplier interested in using customizable Hyphen Solutions to improve and grow your business, learn more by scheduling a demo today.