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How A Two-Sided Network Provides Benefits To Your Residential Construction Business

Residential construction is a process of close collaboration. Builders, Suppliers, Contractors and Trades all need to work together on the same page to get the job done. If they aren’t on the same page, problems can arise and become complicated quickly, causing costly delays in a project. So, it’s important to build a sturdy bridge of communication and information sharing among everyone working on a project. This is where two-sided networks between builders and suppliers can help.

How Does a Two-Sided Network Between Builders and Suppliers Work? 

Two-sided networks are digital platforms that serve two distinct user groups — building bridges of communication and information sharing by allowing the two groups to interact directly. These networks make exchanges possible that couldn’t happen without them and streamline exchanges that otherwise would require more time, effort and duplication of effort. 

In Residential construction, two-sided networks can bring Builders and Suppliers together in a simple and reliable way.  Each of these two groups needs construction management software targeted to their specific needs and processes, but a two-sided network solution not only gives both groups the software features they need but also enables direct interaction and exchanges between Builders and Suppliers, without extra software.

For example, with an integrated, two-sided network of construction management software, bids can flow smoothly from Supplier to Builder, bid document changes can flow from Builder to Supplier, and both groups can have transparency into the process and results. Purchase orders can be automatically generated from Builder documents, delivered to Suppliers, turned into inventory pick lists, and ultimately into invoices delivered directly to the Builder…all without moving outside of the network. Schedules can be shared, changes communicated, and photo documentation uploaded, with everyone kept up-to-date at every stage.

What Are The Benefits of Construction Management Software With A Two-Sided Network Between Builders and Suppliers? 

Using integrated construction project management software with a two-sided network has multiple benefits for both Builders and Suppliers over the use of separate, non-integrated software solutions. 

Direct Connection to Builders

As a Supplier, you can communicate with any Builder on the network. Communication happens in an instant, and there is a record of every update, order, message and interaction. This keeps processes running efficiently, saving all parties time and money.

Secure, Efficient Document Management

Two-sided networks between Builders and Suppliers provide a digital asset repository for all digital project communications and construction documents. This high-security library includes strict controls over who can access what, records updates automatically, and leaves a record of changes.

Supply Chain Management Solutions

Miscommunication between Builders, Trades and your internal team can cause problems in every part of the process of delivering goods and services to a job site. With everyone on the same page, there is less potential for errors that can cause delays or disputes along the supply chain. 

Increased Quality of Service

Better communication results in fewer problems and greater Builder satisfaction. Using a two sided network between Builders and Suppliers is an easy way to increase the quality of your service without creating more work for your team.

Faster Project Completion

In residential construction, project completion times are key to profitability. Delays cost money and can affect the completion of other projects down the line, causing a domino effect. Better communications mean faster completions.

Explore The Benefits of Hyphen Solutions’ Two-Sided Network Between Builders and Suppliers 

Hyphen Solutions is a forward-thinking company that partners with its customers to produce innovative solutions. We focus on software solutions that facilitate faster and more efficient operations in the residential building industry and help our customers thrive. 

SupplyPro is an integrated construction management software system from Hyphen Solutions that is designed specifically for Suppliers, Contractors and Trades. In addition to providing you with the range of targeted features you need to optimize and build your residential construction business, its two-sided network connects you to the BuildPro network of home builders, which includes 21 of the top 26 Home Builders in North America. SupplyPro facilitates real-time communication between Builders and Suppliers in a single platform and streamlines planning, scheduling and accounting to better manage your business. 

To learn more about SupplyPro, schedule a demo today.