Inside the SupplyPro Toolbox: Order Management            

Order Management – a product of SupplyPro – is a collaborative workflow management system for order processing. It links trade partners, like electricians, plumbers, roofers, painters, and more, directly to their home builders to ensure that schedules, changes, and goals remain orderly. With Orders Management, simply use a web-based browser to access the information you need in order to finish a job efficiently and receive payment promptly. Orders Management connects builders and suppliers through integrated BuildPro and SupplyPro portals, keeping communication, scheduling, and reporting aligned online.

Here are five Orders Management features that help suppliers plan, forecast, and communicate:

  1. Enhanced planning and scheduling: Forecast your work up to six months ahead, giving plenty of lead time to all involved in the home building and supplying processes, so everyone understands where to be when to be there, and what supplies each project requires.
  2. Streamlined communication: All your communication is online and in real time, which completely eliminates the need for phones, fax machines, whiteboards, and any other forms of manual processing. No matter where you are – in the office or on-site – SupplyPro notifies you immediately of any schedule changes, purchase order changes or new notes you receive.
  3. Intelligent accounting: Record invoice numbers to simplify purchase order reconciliation. Identify what’s outstanding and what you need to do to get paid on a job. SupplyPro records all transactions with builders, giving you a solid audit trail if needed.
  4. Real-time reports and data: Receive your purchase orders and view data in real time, all in one easy-to-use platform. SupplyPro records all notes you send to and receive from the superintendent, and you can easily search for them.
  5. Workflow optimization: SupplyPro allows you to electronically categorize and manage all your purchase orders in various statuses, making managing projects straightforward and simple. 

If you aren’t already a customer, let’s start building something together. Hyphen Solutions provides more than 60,000 home builders, installers, and manufacturers with industry-leading supply chain scheduling, procurement, and collaboration software solutions. We can show you how SupplyPro’s Orders Management streamlines, enhances and optimizes your building projects. Schedule a demo of SupplyPro today by filling out this form or by calling 972-728-8100.