Inside the SupplyPro toolbox: Renditions                    

Renditions – a product of SupplyPro – is an automation tool that copies information from one source and places it into another. Renditions uses web-capturing technology to automatically unify permission-based data from non-BuildPro portals and render information into one system. It captures data from builder portals, faxes, emails, and PDFs, and then it accurately pulls line item details into SupplyPro, eliminating the risk of typing errors or missed changes.

Here are three Renditions features that help suppliers reduce costs, improve flexibility, and enhance productivity:

  1. One login, countless builders: Using a single SupplyPro login, the information you and your team needs from non-BuildPro builders is at your fingertips. You’ll no longer have to keep track of dozens of unique builder logins – each corresponding to portals that you have to check manually for updates. 
  2. Organizational accuracy: Renditions removes the need for dry runs and promotes total organizational accuracy. You receive notifications daily about change orders, line item detail changes, and other updates.
  3. A single source of data: Companies run most efficiently when suppliers and builders are working from the same source of data. By unifying your system processes through SupplyPro with Renditions, your entire team and the builders you work with all benefit from working with accurate, updated data at all times.

By integrating with your builders’ portals, SupplyPro with Renditions provides you with information, notifications, and updates from non-BuildPro builders you do business with. Another benefit? You no longer have to train multiple people for different builder portals because you can consolidate and organize everything into SupplyPro.

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