What Can Be Automated With SupplyPro Connect? 

Automation software is an effective way to significantly improve the way you work with your Builder partners and internal teams and maximize your ROI. Automation can be implemented throughout the construction lifecycle, from the back-office to job sites. With better, faster access to the right information, you can elevate your capabilities and solve complex problems you face every day as a Supplier, including order changes and rescheduling. 

With SupplyPro Connect, entry of orders and schedules into your in-house software is replaced by an automatic feed of data connected to BuildPro. Real-time integration of information eliminates the need to log into SupplyPro and manually enter this information, thereby saving time, eliminating inaccuracy, improving communication and reducing costs. Automating the following enables tightening up your processes so you can provide exceptional customer service to your Builders, while protecting your bottom line. 

Orders with Acknowledgement 

If a Supplier can’t meet a Builder’s quick deadline, the timeline for the entire project can be thrown off track. By providing the most up-to-date product information, Builders are assured they’re not ordering the wrong products at the wrong time. Purchase order automation enables Builder-issued orders to be digitally consumed into your accounting or project management software, giving you easy and instant early access to the information you need to do your job. In addition, to order product details to ensure accurate fulfillment and install, orders also include critical scheduling information required for your resource management and scheduling software.

Change Orders 

Since Builder orders and changes are available to update your software solution 24/7, you’ll have access to the most current Builder instructions, including last-minute changes to scope and schedules, anytime and anywhere you have access to your back-office software. This greatly improves the accuracy of exchanged information and drastically reduces the time spent reconciling orders. Additionally, you can set the system to automatically respond to Builder changes after hours, thereby providing the most responsive and customer-centric service possible. 

Reschedules with Acknowledgement 

Scheduling is essential for keeping entire projects on track. With that said, delays on some if not all residential construction projects are extremely common. If job schedules are not up to date and visible to everyone on your team, this can lead to sending supplies and crews to sites that aren’t ready. In addition to causing frustration, this results in unnecessary costs that can negatively impact your job profitability. Being able to stay on top of schedules is far easier and more accurate when everyone involved in the project, Builder and Suppliers, are working with the same information. 

Acceptance and Completions 

SupplyPro Connect APIs push data from SupplyPro while also allowing communication back to Builders using BuildPro. When tasks have been flagged as accepted or completed in your system, you can rely on SupplyPro Connect to channel those status updates to the Builder using BuildPro, eliminating the need to spend extra time logging into SupplyPro and accepting and completing orders manually. 


Simple notes complete with proper audit information, and in the right context, such as an order related to a job, can be a vital way to share information about progress and issues. Being able to view and share notes with your clients directly in your software, eliminates the extra tedious steps of having to log in to SupplyPro and navigate to the proper order just to put in a quick note.

Automatically Communicate Updates with SupplyPro Connect 

With SupplyPro Connect, your team can comfortably stay up to date and keep the Builder in the loop right from within your own software. Eliminate the time spent on redundant entry and updating in SupplyPro, allowing you to accelerate shared information with your Builder clients. SupplyPro Connect provides your team with the flexibility to automate as much or as little as needed. Several methods for data sharing are available depending on your needs. You can keep it simple with a quick, low-tech implementation or go all out with full automation. 

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