Gather, Translate, Automate: How Supply Chain Automation Can Help Your Business

With the complexities and challenges of supply chain management today, it’s incredibly important that builders and trade partners are fully leveraging the latest technological advances. SupplyPro works in tandem with BuildPro to make sure that Home Builders and Suppliers are working from a single, accurate information source. Hyphen Solutions also offers even greater connectivity by enabling you to directly integrate SupplyPro data into your back office without time-consuming and potentially error-generating manual processes.

What Is Supply Chain Automation?

When building materials are in short supply and experiencing price spikes, those issues drive project costs up and affect every Home Builder and Supplier. However, even when materials are plentiful, natural disasters, specific manufacturing setbacks, labor shortages and logistical bottlenecks can cause cost overruns, delays and stress.

Supply chain automation involves the capabilities to plan, manage and track every step of the process so you can identify issues early, resolve them quickly and take advantage of opportunities. 

What Are The Benefits of Supply Chain Automation Software? 

Supply chain automation software can create a more efficient supply chain through three important steps:

  1. Gathering — Pulling all your orders together in one place, with information, notifications and updates easily accessible
  2. Translating — Converting builders’ purchase orders into supplier SKU materials lists for instant fulfillment
  3. Automating — Inputting data found in Home Builder purchase orders, change orders, etc. directly into Suppliers’, Contractors’ and Trades’ back office systems, such as order processing, accounting, inventory management, etc.

By enabling these capabilities, supply chain automation software:

  • Makes information more accessible
  • Promotes information accuracy and reduces the errors associated with manual data entry
  • Frees your team from repetitive tasks to focus on more strategic initiatives
  • Ensures the entire team is always working with a single source of updated information
  • Streamlines transactions and reduces costs
  • Improves timing and accuracy of delivered materials

SupplyPro and G.T.A. Supply Chain Management Automation

Hyphen Solutions offers add-on services to their SupplyPro software system to give you the capabilities you need to make your supply chain run more efficiently and effectively, no matter what challenges you face.


Hyphen’s Renditions makes it possible for SupplyPro users to work with builders who don’t use BuildPro. With Renditions, we gather all your non-BuildPro orders into SupplyPro, providing you a singular entry point to all builders. It eliminates the confusion of keeping track of dozens of unique builder logins.

Renditions also provides organizational accuracy and a single source of data. You’ll receive notifications daily, eliminating the need for dry runs. Your entire team, including builders, will be working with accurate, updated data at all times.


Builders and suppliers can speak the same language with SkuSphere. This add-on translates builder purchase orders into supplier purchase order SKUs., eliminating the supply chain issues that can arise from disparate lists. Eliminating issues reduces the cost associated with incorrect transactions and keeps projects on track.

All BuildPro and SupplyPro applications share a master catalog so everyone is always on the same page.


SupplyPro Connect takes the information found in SupplyPro and automates those transactions into your back-office system. This automation eliminates manual processes, improves accuracy, enhances communication, and reduces overall costs.

It provides up-to-date information so your back office and your builders are always well-informed about supply logistics.

Automate Your Supply Chain With G.T.A. 

Hyphen Solutions partners with its clients to produce innovative Home Builder and supply chain solutions. Because of our commitment to our customers — production and custom, large and small — we offer functional, flexible services that fit your business needs and budget. 

Interested in learning more about Hyphen GTA solutions and how they can integrate with your project management software? Schedule a demo today to talk to a Hyphen Solutions expert.