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How To Automate Purchase Order Process In Residential Construction

Purchase order processing is one of your most important tasks as a residential construction Supplier. Purchase orders (POs) are your portal to vital information and updates. Timely access to POs enables you to provide the right materials and services to the right place at the right time to keep projects flowing smoothly and your Builders satisfied. 

What Is A Purchase Order? 

A purchase order is a document a buyer sends to a vendor to request goods or services. 

Generally in residential construction, POs are generated by the Builder’s back-office staff and sent to Trades, Contractors, or Suppliers who provide requested goods or services.

In construction, change orders commonly complicate the process. Every change has to be accurately communicated as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary and costly delays or mistakes. 

Why Should Suppliers & Subcontractors Look To Automate Their Purchase Order Process? 

Manual retrieval and processing of purchase orders is slow and prone to human and data entry errors. Automation can save you time and money by:

  • Eliminating frequent trips to Builder portals and other sources to pick up new orders
  • Reducing data entry and speeding up repetitive tasks
  • Increasing information accuracy
  • Providing real-time access to Builders’ intents and instructions
  • Offering instant visibility into schedule and order changes

You can schedule and start jobs more quickly, eliminate common problems, respond more rapidly to changes, and spend the time you save through automation on strategic activities to make your business more profitable. 

How Automation Can Improve the Purchase Order Process for Suppliers

Automation enables you to digitally transfer Builder-issued orders directly into your accounting or project management software, giving you easy and instant access to the information you need to do your job. Every industry is different with different needs, chose an automation solution that is designed specifically for residential construction. Then take the next easy steps.

Customize your workflow

Your software should also be flexible enough to adjust to the way you are used to doing things. Every company has its own processes. For a successful implementation, it's critical that you opt for a solution that offers enough flexibility to confirm to your builders' order standards and the requirements of your back office system. You should also have full control over which transactions you automate and which you don’t. 

Stay in front of your builders and improve order accuracy

As a Supplier, making the up-to-date product information in your system available to Builders helps ensure they can make the best choices for their projects. Since your software should also drastically reduce the time spent reconciling orders, your team will be able to communicate any item or pricing errors to Builders in real-time.

Keep on top of Builder changes after hours

Builder orders and changes are continuously funneled into your software solution, even after hours. The most current builder instructions are now accessible to you anytime and anywhere, as long as you have access to your current back office software.

Make deliveries more efficient

Automating your PO process can dramatically improve the timing and accuracy of delivered services or materials. Your company’s reputation and bottom line will benefit.

Automate Your PO Process with Hyphen SupplyPro Connect/Automate 

SupplyPro is an integrated construction management software system from Hyphen Solutions that is designed specifically for Suppliers, Contractors and Trades. In addition to providing you with the range of targeted features you need to optimize and build your residential construction business, its two-sided network connects you to the BuildPro network of home builders, which includes 21 of the top 26 Home Builders in North America. 

SupplyPro add-on SupplyPro Connect/Automate is a construction purchase order and procurement solution that allows you to automate routine tasks and spend your time where it will make the biggest impact. To learn more, schedule a demo today.