Essential Software Products Home Builders Need to Stay Organized

With so many software solutions available to Home Builders and Suppliers, finding the right Home Builder software to fit your company’s unique needs can be challenging. Which features do you actually need? Can they be integrated into a single Enterprise Resource Platform (ERP)? How much money should you spend on a software? Will the product be easy to implement and understand? Does it offer mobile capabilities so you and your team can access everything you need at home sites or out in the field? 

As creators of home construction management software, we’ve done extensive research and listen to what our customers want in a product. We’ve compiled a list of nine software products that are essential to improving and streamlining organizational and business functions for Builders. 

1.  Construction Management Software

As a Builder, you can increase accuracy and efficiency by investing in a single platform that connects Contractors, Trades and Suppliers in the home building process. Real-time information enables executing new home build projects, receiving and approving bids, scheduling Suppliers and approving purchase orders. Look for a solution that allows seamless access on any device, whether a desktop, tablet or smartphone.

2. Accounting Software

A construction accounting software fully integrated with a robust ERP eliminates the need for multiple disconnected software platforms, repetitive data entry, missed data, human error and detrimental lag time. A streamlined, cloud-based solution allows receiving and transmitting important data seamlessly and delivers superb control of job costing, purchasing, production, accounting and reporting. A bonus is a system that enables auto-generating purchase orders from estimates/plans.

3. Scheduling Software

Scheduling is a big issue Builders frequently encounter that causes lost time and money. The three most common scheduling setbacks are accountability issues, lack of alignment between Builders and Suppliers and inefficient work processes. The solution is a construction scheduling software that’s simple to implement and provides easy collaboration. From start to finish, residential construction Supplier and General Contractor scheduling is done completely electronically and can be viewed in real-time. If your current scheduling software can’t do these things, it’s essential to find one that does. 

4. Document Management

Storing documents in multiple places makes it difficult to find, update, share and keep them secure. Imagine spending valuable time working off plans only to learn your team is working off a different, updated version. You should have a central location for all your important documents that allows your entire team to have access to all updates in real-time. Investing in construction software with document management will keep everyone on the same page, all the time.

5. Back-Office/ERP Software

Integrating your current, back-end accounting systems into an easy-to-use ERP capable of handling your home building volume will save you time and money. An integrated ERP offers optimized planning, improved decision-making, simplified exchange of information, streamlined project management and more accurate cost and revenue projection. The choice of an ERP is dependent on your size and requirements. Do you need a solution with built-in accounting functions and cost accountability, purchasing, general ledger, payroll, taxes and reporting features? Or perhaps you’re looking for a construction software that integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks or Sage products to ensure accurate, immediate sharing of information. If you’re a small Builder, a cloud-based ERP software with an intuitive mobile app will allow you and your team to work anywhere, anytime with iOS or Android, while template-driven estimating and simple job scoping will streamline these processes.

6. Homeowner Management Software

Homeowner Management Software that provides new homeowners with the ability to go online to track the status of completed and pending tasks and warranty items is a win-win. It will save you time and increase homeowner satisfaction and referrals. Select a product that integrates with your primary Home Builder software to eliminate the need for multiple systems. Warranty management should offer viewing, tracking and scheduling all in one place to efficiently address your new homeowners’ needs.

7. Contact Management

A CRM created specifically for Builders will allow you to automatically pull customer contact information from your website into the CRM. This enables creating notes, sending emails, generating and managing marketing campaigns, logging calls, managing sales and tasks. You’ll also experience improved conversion of leads into sales. The right CRM will allow your entire team to work efficiently and fluidly and deliver the best possible experience to your customers.

8. Payment Processing

Automating billing, invoicing and payment processes make it easy to check your records and track expenses. Instant reconciliation ensures a fast, accurate financial close cycle, improves cash flow visibility and working capital management and reduces the risk of fraudulent payouts. Combining payment methods, currencies, subsidiaries and regions with real-time payment integration available 24/7 will greatly increase your efficiency.

9. Home Visualization and Design Software

Virtual design software empowers your homebuyers to help build and design their dream home.The right solution provides homebuyers with a fun, personalized visual experience and the ability to see options, finishes and customizations at the click of a button. This software will improve your sales process, as well as increase overall leads and conversions.

Stay Organized with Hyphen Solutions

At Hyphen Solutions, we offer several software solutions that incorporate the above functions and far more — created specifically by Builders for Builders.These products deliver greater operational control, better communication and increased productivity, which results in a significant boost to your ROI.

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